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Carolina Gutierrez Herrera

Principal Investigator

I am a systems neuroscientist investigating neuro-glia interactions that allow homeostatic brain function with an emphasis on alterations of these representations in neuropsychiatric and neurological disorders.

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Albert Orero

Data Analyst

As our experienced software developer and data analyst, Albert Orero is a fundamental part of what makes GHerrera Lab such a successful Science Lab. They are truly an invaluable member of our hardworking team.

Image by Dynamic Wang


Christina Czekus, University of Bern 
Irene Lenzi, RWTH Aachen University
Lukas Ösch PhD, UCLA
Micaela Borsa, Tidis Lab
Laura Faccin PhD, Roche
Amber Roguski, University of Bristol, UK
Ivan Bozic, Tidis Lab
Stella Pins,  University College London

Together they have created the bases of our current research

The team: Our Team
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