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GHerrera Lab Findings

Our Science Lab follows an organized schedule regarding the publication of our findings. Explore our list of published works below and contact us to receive further information about the work that we do.


Alterations in TRN-anterodorsal thalamocortical circuits affect sleep architecture and homeostatic processes in oxidative stress vulnerable Gclm−/− mice

July 28th, 2022

It's out!

Our new paper on thalamic network deficits and the recovery of their dynamics in a model relevant to Schizophrenia.

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Decrease in frontal thalamo-cortical networks connectivity impairs wake-sleep stability, oscillatory topography and cognition after optically targeted stroke.

October 20 2022

New work from Letzi et al in deciphering the underlying mechanisms of sleep disorders and memory in thalamic stroke.

She provides a new model of stroke in mice that allow access to precise subcortical lesions in freely moving mice.


Image by Jr Korpa
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